Cancellation & Refund Policy


To be eligible to return and / or exchange book(s), customers must contact ISKCON Book Distribution with information regarding the book(s) you wish to return within fourteen days of receipt of shipment by e-mail. We will only accept returns of book(s) that we have confirmed for return. Please ship the confirmed return book(s) back to us within seven days.

*We will not accept a request for a return and /or exchange if customers contact us after the fourteen-day period is over, or returns the books to us without prior notice.

In case of “Circumstances arising with ISKCON Book Distribution”, we will accept the return / exchange from the customer if

(a) The book is different from what the customer ordered (wrong shipment).
(b) The book is defective.
(c) The book is damaged.

We will reimburse the customer for shipping costs incurred.

In the event of a return of multi volume book set, please include all the books in the set in the condition that it was delivered, when making the return. If any of the books are missing from the set, we will not be able to process your return.