Transcendental Teachingsof Prahada Maharaja
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Prahlada Maharaja was the son of the most atheistic and the most materially powerful person - Hiranyakashipu. Because the society was materialistic, he had no opportunity to glorify the Supreme Lord. Prahlada Maharaja, a five-year-old boy, had to undergo a great deal of suffering at the hands of his father, Hiranyakashipu, a demon who was torturing him for being a devotee. The boy was trampled by elephants, thrown from a mountain, placed in boiling oil and thrown into a snake pit, yet he was silent during this whole ordeal.

Prahlada Maharaja said: "My Lord, I am not suffering, for I know the art of being happy." How is this? "Simply by hearing about You and chanting about You I am happy." This is the business of a devotee - hearing and chanting about the Lord. This is sravanam kirtanam visnoh smaranam.

The characteristic of a great soul is that he is very eager to broadcast glorification of the Supreme Lord. Lord Jesus Christ, for example, was very eager to broadcast the glorification of God, but demoniac people misunderstood him and crucified him.

Prahlada Maharaja requested his friends, who were all sons of demons, to give up the idea that there is no God and convinced them to engage in the loving service of Lord Krishna.

Come know about the transcendental teachings of a young boy and a great soul who was a favorite devotee of Lord Krishna.