Teachings of Queen Kunti
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The tragic and heroic figure of Queen Kunt? emerges from an explosive era in the history of ancient India. As related in the Mah?bh?rata, India’s grand epic poem of 110,000 couplets, Kunt? was the wife of King P???u and the mother of five illustrious sons known as the P???avas. As such, she was one of the central figures in a complex political drama that culminated fifty centuries ago in the Kuruk?etra War, a devastating war of ascendancy that changed the course of world events.

Her teachings are simple and illuminating outpourings revealing the deepest transcendental emotions of the heart and the deepest philosophical and theological penetrations of the intellect.

At the conclusion of the devastating Kurukshetra war, Queen Kunti approaches Lord Krishna as He prepares to depart the scene of the battle. Kunti's words are words of glorification impelled by a divine love steeped in wisdom. Kunti's spontaneous glorification of Lord Krishna and her description of the spiritual path are immortalized in the Mahabharata and the Bhagavata Purana (Srimad-Bhagavatam), and they have been recited, chanted and sung by sages and philosophers for thousands of years.

As they appear in the First Canto of the Bhagavatam, Queen Kunti's celebrated prayers consist of only twenty-six couplets (verses 18 through 43 of the Eighth Chapter), yet they are considered a philosophical, theological, and literary masterpiece. The present book (Teachings of Queen Kunt?) includes those inspired verses and illuminating commentary by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhup?da, Founder-?c?rya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and the most renowned Vedic scholar and spiritual leader of our time. In addition to this commentary (originally written in 1962), Teachings of Queen Kunt? contains further explanations that ?r?la Prabhup?da gave more recently in an absorbing series of lectures. In those memorable talks, delivered in the spring of 1973 at ISKCON’s Western world headquarters in Los Angeles, he analyzed the verses in significantly greater detail and shed even more light upon them.

Let her heartfelt words of wisdom bring solace to your soul.