Message of Godhead
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Religion and spirituality has been existing from time immemorial. The influences of various people, places and times have led us to designate and coronate ourselves as Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Socialists & Bolsheviks, Communists, Jewish and so forth. The field of religion has seen us trying to establish many varieties of ephemeral physical and mental arrangements, varieties of denominations, according to various people, places and times.

 And precisely for this reason, we can envision ourselves "changing religions."  One who is a Hindu today may become a Mohammedan the next day, or one who is a Mohammedan today may become a Christian the next day, and so on. But when we attain transcendental knowledge and are established in sanatana-dharma, the actual, eternal religion of the living entity - the spirit soul - then and then only can we attain real, undeniable peace, prosperity, and happiness in the world.

God has a message for us: We're not the body; we are spiritual beings. 
We can be happy not by focusing on the body, but by living according to the truth of our real, spiritual identity. God says that we must understand our spiritual identity and then direct our activities to follow that understanding. 

The book “Message of Godhead” talks about these two simple truths that will bring us to self-realization and God realization. In pure spiritual understanding there are no designations of race, greed, color, or sex. From this nonsectarian platform, the whole world can achieve real unity and peace. The book called Message of godhead speaks about these simple truths

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